Should that horse be laying down on the ground?

Some people are surprised to see adult horses laying on the ground sleeping on their sides. As this article describes How Horses Sleep it is normal for horses to sleep for a short… Continue reading

Living with wildlife: Turkey: Minnesota DNR

You wouldn’t know that wild turkeys were a rare site years ago. Around here you can see turkeys regularly. This article describes how the Minnesota DNR revived the turkey population. Turkeys Once extirpated… Continue reading

Amazing Sky Pics

Some Favorite Memories from my childhood

Bike trails: Twin Cities has tons of them!

Originally posted on The Minnesota Energy Challenge Blog:
A main reason why the Twin Cities Metro is a great place to bike is because the number of bike paths. In just Minneapolis there…

Keeping Pets Safe During Summer

Originally posted on CW50 Detroit:
Summer is here and we all love spending the day outside with our beloved pets. But with temperatures on the rise we need to be careful with our…

Halloween Blizzard 1991

Minnesota E-Rods Hometown Fun

Looks like a daycare for Baby Geese in Roseville, Minnesota

A couple of adult care providers and a whole bunch of geese at the park near the University in Minnesota.

Biking Rural Scott County Minnesota